For your safety and comfort, visitors to the the Des Moines Civic Center are asked to adhere to the following policies.

No Photography
The use of cameras of any kind, including video recording devices, is strictly prohibited at all times.

No Electronic Devices
Mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices must be turned to silent or off throughout the duration of a performance. Patrons are also asked not to use devices in any other capacity e.g texting during the performance, as the light source is a distraction both to performers and members of the audience.

Late Arrivals
Lobby chimes are sounded five minutes prior to a show’s beginning, as well as during the interval. Patrons who arrive late to performances will be accommodated at the earliest possible opportunity, but be aware that this may not be until the intermission.

No Smoking
Smoking and e-cigaretts are not allowed within the building or within 15 feet of any one of the entrances.