Mamma Mia! at Des Moines Civic Center

Mamma Mia at Des Moines Civic CenterHere we go again as Mamma Mia hits the stage once more to celebrate 25 years of the musical that has everyone’s hearts. Grab your best dancing shoes and most dramatic feather boas as Mamma Mia drops by Des Moines Civic Center from January 23 through January 28 for its 25th Anniversary Tour! Initially a simple play thought of by producer Cramer and playwright Johnson, the two became inspired during their first meeting with two of ABBA’s founding members to use their smash hits to create the musical. The famous musical is ready to bring audiences a once-in-a-lifetime performance with its notable cast full of incredible songs, theatrics, and storyline that’ll surely have you wanting more. With Des Moines Civic Center’s promising reputation, this entertainment spectacle will definitely be unlike any other. Ticket booths are flooding for this show at this very moment, so make sure to secure your seats now!

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“Even if you aren’t a fan of ABBA, you’ll be a fan of Mamma Mia! Make sure to see it before it slips through your fingers in this farewell tour.” – DC Metro Theatre Arts

“The sunniest of all musicals. It provides new pleasures every time.” – Sunday Express

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Time to break out your best dancing shoes and feather boas; Mamma Mia is coming to Iowa’s Des Moines Civic Center from January 23 through January 28 in celebration of its 25th anniversary! Get ready to sing your heart out as the about 2 hours and 35-minute long, plus a 15-minute intermission musical is ready to bring you some of ABBA’s greatest hits live, along with superb acting, beautifully unique costumes, and a storyline that’ll keep you on your toes the whole time.

Our story follows soon-to-be wife Sophie Sheridan, who’s feeling excited about her wedding but disappointed that her mother, Donna Sheridan, never told her who her father was, leaving no one to walk her down the aisle. After some secretive snooping, Sophie identifies three men from her mom’s diary who are potentially her dad: the adventurer, the stockbroker, and the has-been rockstar. Feeling determined, she invites all three men to the island where her wedding will be held to find out exactly who should be walking with her on her wedding day. This event sparks up very different emotions for Donna, who is sent into an emotional rollercoaster as flashbacks and old lost feelings resurface. Will Sophie finally find her father? And how will Donna cope with this? 

“If you are looking for the best night out in town, you’ve just found it.” – Talk Radio

“A certified hit…. A giddy guilty pleasure.” – Variety

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As the show comes down to Iowa, we must remember the people who have made and continue to make the musical possible. Producer Judy Cramer and playwright Catherine Johnson are definitely to be thanked for the original idea, alongside ABBA’s Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, who inspired the rest of the beautiful masterpiece. The notable actors and actresses who star in the musical are nothing but amazing and continuously nail performances time and time again. Check out the cast of the musical here.

  • Christine Sherrill as Donna Sheridan
  • Alisa Melendez as Sophie Sheridan
  • Carly Sakolove as Rosie 
  • Jalynn Steele as Tanya 
  • Victor Wallace as Sam Carmichael
  • Rob Marnell as Harry Bright
  • Jim Newman as Bill Austin 
  • Grant Reynolds as Sky

Ever since its very first premiere in 1999 London, the hit musical has received lots of love from fans and critics all over the world. It, along with its creatives and cast, has been nominated for multiple awards, such as the 2000 Olivier Award for Best Musical, the 2002 Tony Award for Best Musical, and the 2002 Tony Award for Best Book of a Musical, to name a few. Of course, the musical is not known and loved for nothing. It has also been the winner of its fair share of awards over the years, like the 2000 Group Leisure Industry Award for Best Theatre Production, the 2005 Touring Broadway Award for Best Long Running Musical, and the 2009 Group Travel Awards for Best Live Stage/Theatrical Performance. Other than these awards, the musical has achieved much more, such as being used as the inspiration for the famous Mamma Mia, the movie that starred famous actresses Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried; talk about being a super trouper!

Mamma Mia musical Des Moines
“”Mamma Mia!,” which weaves a few threads of romantic comedy around a bumper crop of old Abba tunes, is a thoroughly preposterous show, but it’s also a giddy guilty pleasure” – Variety

The Des Moines Civic Center is esteemed to be known as one of the finest theatre houses in all of Des Moines, some even say in the whole of Iowa! The venue is also known for inviting only the best shows and performances to their stage, so don’t be too surprised when you see what Mamma Mia brings to the table. In the middle of some great parking spots and all the major public transportation routes, you’ll have a trouble-free time getting in and out of the venue. Ready to seat up to 2,700 excited fans, the accessible and spacious theatre house will give you the luxury viewing experience that we all deserve. Honey, honey, don’t let the dazzling experience slip through your fingers, and secure your seats now!