The Lion King at Des Moines Civic Center

The Lion King Tickets

Des Moines Civic Center | Des Moines, Iowa

Remember those iconic songs? 'The circle of life', 'I just cant wait to be king' and 'Can you feel the love tonight'? Well hop along to a night at a broadway show, the best there is, the outstanding and legendary THE LION KING, on stage once more spring, 2023! The award winning broadway will play at the best theatre in town, Des Moines Civic Center, Iowa, Des Moines on Friday 31st March 2023. Fanatics are selling out dates so secure quickly if you want a piece of the pie in March, simply press the 'get tickets' icon if you scroll above!

The Lion King at Des Monies Civic Center

If you're in the mood to watch a captivating world famous musical in March, then THE LION KING's spring, 2023 tour of the US is the perfect show for you. The 1994 DISNEY movie was one of the biggest of all time and the stage adaption could be considered a fine match, with awards to be proud of, THE LION KING really lives up to expectations. If you're a Disney fan or just love musicals, there is something for you on this Friday to remember! Head along to the unbelievable Des Moines Civic Center, Des Moines Iowa on Friday 31st March 2023, this will be the leading evening of your life! The show is suitable for the whole family, so bag a set of seats as promptly as possible if you want to be sure you can attend…previous tours have SOLD OUT so follow the 'GET TICKETS' BUTTON when you scroll up and prepare yourself and the family for an evening youll be talking about for weeks!

The Lion King at Des Monies Civic Center

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