The Choir of Man at Des Moines Civic Center

The Choir of Man Tickets

Des Moines Civic Center | Des Moines, Iowa

No plans for Wednesday 19th February 2020? Well, have we got a surprise for you! Finally, The Choir of Man is coming to Des Monies Civic Center. This announcement is the one that puts the icing on the cake for the month of February. An outstanding line-up of tour dates for the epic The Choir of Man live shows is about to take place, with every other event already SOLD OUT. All of Iowa is will be heading to Des Moines for a night of unforgettable entertainment, so make sure you get your ticket fast! The Choir of Man fans from around the state have been waiting in anticipation to head to Des Moines's most iconic venue: Des Monies Civic Center, and witness a night of unrivalled entertainment. Tickets will be gone soon, so act fast and get ready for the greatest night of the year!

The Choir of Man at Des Monies Civic Center

The time has finally come for us to announce the best thing that is happening this 2020… well, for loyal fans of live shows anyway! You better be sitting down for this. The Choir of Man is coming to Des Moines! We know, I couldn’t believe it either! Tickets are already on sale, and running out fast! That is no surprise, anyone who has ever seen The Choir of Man live knows that this is indeed THE event of the year. Their unique skill is infectious, and you are in for a legendary ride! Des Monies Civic Center is going a long way to make sure The Choir of Man have everything they need to rock Iowa. So, don’t wait up, cross off Wednesday 19th February 2020 of your calendar, and start counting the days down to the most memorable experience ahead of you!

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