Six The Musical at Des Moines Civic Center

Six The Musical Tickets

Des Moines Civic Center | Des Moines, Iowa

This Sunday 12th February 2023 is looking like it will be the most amazing day for Musical lovers in Iowa this year! Six the Musical is headed to the stunning Des Moines Civic Center for a memorable night of live theater. Created by friends Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, Six unfolds as part musical, part all-out pop performance driven by the vocally diverse ensemble cast. Each of the six wives, categorised by childhood slogan “divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived”, take centre stage to tell their story. Ultimately, they declare themselves more than a rhyme, and more than just the wives of an infamous King. So don’t miss this opportunity and make sure that you can join the huge Broadway fanbase that’s already lining up to book a tickets to catch Six live at the Des Moines Civic Center in Des Moines, Iowa on Sunday 12th February 2023.

Six The Musical at Des Monies Civic Center

The numbers in this musical certainly wouldn’t be out of place in the Top 40 music charts today. These pop princesses.. sorry, queens, certainly could be the next great girl band. Sorry, Little Mix, move over for SIX. From their group songs to their stunning solos, the Queens shine, as do their numbers. Each song has its own unique style, suited to its queen, and couldn’t have been written better. They’re all complete hits and you’ll find yourself singing them and desperately wanting to hear them again. What more do we need to tell you about this highly anticipated musical, come and experience it yourself at the stunning Des Moines Civic Center in Des Moines!

Six The Musical at Des Monies Civic Center

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