Jerry Seinfeld at Des Moines Civic Center

Jerry Seinfeld Tickets

Des Moines Civic Center | Des Moines, Iowa

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the topics that matter? Then why not visit Des Monies Civic Center on Friday Friday 26th July 2019 to see renowned speaker Jerry Seinfeld live as they deliver a powerful message that you won’t soon forget. This speaker is coming to Des Moines Iowa and is bringing with them stunning insight into topics that are not talked about enough. You will be surprised by the unique opinions that Jerry Seinfeld will bring to the Des Monies Civic Center stage. So if you wished that you could learn more about this topic or want to hear an expert’s opinion, then click that Buy Tickets button below to see Jerry Seinfeld live on Friday 26th July 2019 at Des Monies Civic Center.

Jerry Seinfeld at Des Monies Civic Center

The Des Monies Civic Center has hosted some of the most renowned and respected experts in their fields to deliver hard-hitting talk series and seminars from their home in Des Moines Iowa. Experts prefer this hall for their events because of its popularity with professionals and graduate students alike and its close proximity to some of the top fine dining options in the state. Des Monies Civic Center also features some of the most comfortable seating in town and often features highly on best venue lists across this side of the country. With easy access parking available around the corner and a decor that’s made for serious discussions, events, and presenters like Jerry Seinfeld, it’s easy to see why fans of Talk Series, Seminars, and Discussions want to be featured at Des Monies Civic Center. This once in a lifetime event will not be here long, so make sure you order y
tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld live on Friday 26th July 2019 at Des Monies Civic Center. To join this night of discussion, then make sure you click the Buy Tickets button below.

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