Disney Princess – The Concert at Des Moines Civic Center

Disney Princess - The Concert Tickets

Des Moines Civic Center | Des Moines, Iowa

The amazing Des Monies Civic Center, Des Moines, Iowa is is known as the greatest venue of its kind in Iowa, and it has something incredible in store for you this March, a concert that will leave you with lasting memories! Back this spring, 2022 is one of the most iconic acts around today, out of this world talent….Disney Princess – The Concert! Put this date in your planner: Tuesday 15th March 2022, and secure your tickets this second, its expected to sell out so do not miss your chance! Click buy now!

Disney Princess - The Concert at Des Monies Civic Center

Science has what is known as the Nostalgia Effect. This is where the act of reminiscing amazing memories from your past becomes more and more enjoyable every time you think about them. Physical and materialistic things tend to get ‘old’ quicker, whereas experiences become better and better. Experiences like gigs may also gain new meaning with age. So come create memories at the Des Monies Civic Center in Iowa at their latest show Disney Princess – The Concert on Tuesday 15th March 2022!

Disney Princess - The Concert at Des Monies Civic Center

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