Chicago – The Musical at Des Moines Civic Center

Chicago - The Musical Tickets

Des Moines Civic Center | Des Moines, Iowa

Chicago - The Musical

Here is your first-class ticket to the famed city, the center of diversity, and the blockbuster show that’s about to appear in Des Moines! See Chicago - The Musical as it launches at the Des Moines Civic Center on Friday 6th December 2024. This winter, step back in time to the roaring, jazz hot 20s as you are introduced to Velma, Roxy, Billy, Amos, and all the familiar faces from the box office Broadway success that is sunken in shady schemes, but gives one helluva good time!

Sly, saucy, and rogueish - this scandalous affair is not one to miss! With Bob Fosse’s steamy choreography and a highly-acclaimed score from John Kander with Fred Ebb, this story continues to move at a gunshot pace. Authentic viewing experiences await at the Iowa stage, with its engrossing atmosphere, ideal technical capabilities, and high regard for artistic vision. We're looking forward to your attendance! Order your tickets now before these culprits snatch them away from you!

Welcome to Chicago, where vaudeville meets vice, and fame is the ultimate hustle! See Chicago - The Musical as it makes its way to the unbelievable Des Moines Civic Center on Friday 6th December 2024. Even with the decades gone by, Chicago sustains its distinction as the premier adult theatrical experience in the area!

We expect that you’ve blocked your evening accordingly since this presentation has a runtime totaling two hours and thirty minutes, with one intermission. Much to our regret, due to suggestive material, including explicit language and brutal violence, Chicago may be inappropriate for kids under the age of twelve.
You need to understand - Chicago ain't your average musical, honey. It's a razor-sharp satire and a comic romp with a sardonic grin. All the songs are killer, the moves sharper than a dagger, and the narrative? Well, it's as complex and mouthwatering as a speakeasy cocktail!

A pair of competing vaudevillian murderers, Roxie and Velma, long for the limelight within the confines of jail bars in Cook County. Viewing this as an opening, their slickest lawyer, Billy Flynn, decides to turn their stories into media gold, converting them into controversial stars in a murder-of-the-week media frenzy. Justice takes a dark turn as they warble and sway for headlines, all vying for freedom before the jury decides their fate. Will allure, deceit, or suavity seize the day? Enjoy this flashy showbiz comeback to find out!

And if this comes as a surprise, the formed cast for this approaching revival is a great one! This Broadway classic is set to be a showstopper, with each performer in the exceptional lineup recreating the undeniable flair of the Roaring Twenties, mirroring the vibe of a smoky jazz club collective.

Holding the production at the unbelievable Iowa theater with structural features reflective of that period instantly produces an absorbing and authentic atmosphere. Think of rich decorations, luxe seating, and a regal stage perfect for pompous performances - this is seriously the most fitting venue in town! Don't forget to purchase your tickets to Chicago - The Musical LIVE at the Des Moines Civic Center on Friday 6th December 2024!

Chicago - The Musical at Des Moines Civic Center

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