Bert Kreischer at Des Moines Civic Center

Bert Kreischer Tickets

Des Moines Civic Center | Des Moines, Iowa

Comedy is needed for so many, it's an unparalleled feeling and totally uplifting, you cant put a price on it! What would you say if we told you Bert Kreischer the unsurpassed comedy act is touring again for fall 2022 in Iowa, Des Moines? Top of the world right? Well, seats are available to secure from today so scribble down the important deets and think fast…Bert Kreischer is the favorite comedy around right now! Saturday 12th November 2022 is a huge date for Des Moines Civic Center, Iowa, Des Moines, Bert Kreischer is huge and the theatre will be flooded with screams of laughter, it'll be the most joy filled Saturday night ever! Bag your tickets for November this instant by clicking the 'GET TICKETS' link!

Bert Kreischer at Des Monies Civic Center

What better way to spend your Saturday evening this November than going to see Bert Kreischer!? Who we think is the supreme comedy act around….such an intense succession of hilarious punch lines, we will never get over the laughs we've had, so how about seeing the real thing…the feeling is totally unmatched! Bert Kreischer, excitingly on a US tour for fall, 2022… is a huge part in the public eye and is so big on social media, we bet you could see yourself in those comfy seats screaming with laughter? Saturday 12th November 2022 is going to be wild down at the unforgettable Des Moines Civic Center, Iowa, Des Moines. Upon your comedic exit you'll be in the heart of town, there are tonnes of bars and restaurants on offer and re routing is very easy, transport links are all near by. Des Moines Civic Center is perfect for a night of comedy and an easy visit! BUY YOUR SEATS for November NOW, by pressing the 'get tickets' icon when you scroll up!

Bert Kreischer at Des Monies Civic Center

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